Consultant's Contributions…….it's about initiating IMPROVEMENTS

Supplement internal talent.

Troubleshoot and diagnose problem areas.

Offer counsel and advice.

Provide training and education.

Provide company policies and procedures.

Innovate, combine, and transplant solutions and techniques.

Our Approach…

  • Determine the issues.
  • Observe the operation.
  • Review and analysis of data.
  • By using proven Quality Techniques and Measures…
  • Build and implement a Game Plan for Improvement
       of Processes and Systems.
  • Consulting Services

    Compliance Review
    A review of operations, systems, and documentation to determine compliance with governmental regulations. Provide methods and recommendations to assure a safe and compliant operation.

    Operational Review
    Observation of processes related to delivery systems to identify
    hazards and areas for improvement with emphasis on measurable cost reduction and improved service to customers.

    Policy Review/Procedure Manuals
    A perusal of company policies as they relate to personnel supervision and instruction of proper and safe methods to accomplish tasks. If needed, author, and/or assist in re-write and updates to conform with current regulations.

    Personnel Training and Education
    Provide driver and management training to effect a safer, more productive, and compliant operation. Provide Management education on regulations and people skills (Leadership). A review of methods to effect increased retention of drivers and other key employees. Establish a documented, measurable education system for all employees.
    Establishment of Management Tools
    By use of Statistical Process Control Techniques, set up valid measures of an operation (and associated costs) that provide executive information to enable prediction of trends in revenue and profit levels.
    Custom Projects
    Counsel and advise on aspects of motor truck transportation and/or distribution/warehousing operations with emphasis on improvement of tasks and cost savings. Improved employee relations through establishment of meaningful incentives by providing proper methods of work and feedback on success.
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