"It really didn't cost that much for me to now be able to sleep at night. Just knowing my company is now operating in compliance and my shops are current with OSHA is the real benefit of what you have done for us."

"The hardest thing about operating my company is that they keep changing the rules. You have 'de-mystified' the regulations, and we have benefited greatly. Our people now have a better understanding of what is required. Not only in compliance but over all safe operation as well."
These are but a few of the comments we have heard about what we do.
Operating in compliance is more than just adherence to the Department of Transportation rules; it is a program that instills a desire in all employees to perform tasks in the most safe and proficient manner possible. What we do is more than just an audit of your operation. We review and analyze the various processes and then use the data to assist you in establishing an on-going, viable Safety Program. A Safety Program that will assure your company not only remains in compliance with the ever changing regulations; but operates as safely as possible. If you view a compliance audit as a "report card", what we accomplish is improvement through a "lesson plan" that will result in "straight A's" should a governmental agency visit your company.
Your Safety Program not only assures compliance with regulations, it will aid in proving your commitment to safe operations in advent of litigation should a major collision occur. A claimant in North Carolina was just awarded over 6 million dollars from a fleet just because they had not established a Safety Program that provided on-going training to their drivers. While operating in compliance with governmental regulations is required, operating with a viable Safety Program is critical in today's "litigious society" where the exposure to a lawsuit is high no matter who caused the collision. The best defense is a Safety Program that documents not only safety training, but the commitment to safety as well.
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