All the problems---Your operating expenses, your accident ratio, the fines for non compliance at roadside inspections, the service failures to customers, your driver and mechanic turnover, the improperly maintained equipment---are all HIRED.
If you desire, lower operating expenses, a lower accident ratio, a more compliant operation, exemplary service to your customers, and a stable workforce then give us a call.
Through a review of what is required by regulations in driver and mechanic hiring coupled with establishment of company policies and procedures based upon task assessments and analysis, reduction of operating expenses and better service levels can be realized. Everyone has heard about the "Driver Shortage", yet data indicates the drivers are jumping from one company to another. The ATA calls this "churning". The reasons a "good" driver leaves are varied, but surveys have shown that most of the time the reason does NOT involve better pay. Through task assessments, better productivity can be realized. Better productivity means higher profits for the company and better working conditions and pay for the drivers. Operation personnel benefit also by reduction of stress and pressures in dispatch functions.
We can review your current hiring process and check to make sure it is in compliance with Department of Transportation, ADA, and EEOC regulation requirements. But more importantly we can work with your HR department on establishment of hiring criteria to assure you are hiring the best possible candidates for the positions. Driver hiring is a lot more than a "numbers" game to fill empty trucks. As stated above, we in the trucking business tend to hire our problems. Only through proper recruitment and specific hiring guidelines can you expect to get the best qualified people and retain them.

Driver Orientation Program

There's an old saying….."You show me how you are going to measure me, and I'll show you how I'll behave." With the allure to drivers of working "unsupervised", this old saying is more to the point in trucking than any other industry. Your drivers are out on the road, representing your company each mile of the way. If you don't review with them what is expected, and show them how you want tasks completed, they will have to rely on experience gained through other companies, trial and error, or just plain making it up as they go. When this happens, everyone suffers. The new driver to your operation is at his or her highest exposure to risk. They certainly aren't as productive as a driver that has been trained in proper methods.
We can review your current driver orientation program and improve it, or we can design an orientation program for you. The type of orientation program that will "teach" your newly hired drivers the policies of your company, the critical area of Customer Relations, how to operate specialized equipment, techniques for savings of fuel, tires and maintenance, and most importantly, how to operate safely and efficiently. Another old saying states, "You only get one chance at a first impression". The Driver Orientation Program we design with you will "set" the attitude of your drivers toward safety, customer relations, and plants the seeds of retention. A day or two investment in a newly hired driver will reap the benefits of higher productivity sooner and more safely than "trial and error" type methods.
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