First I want to thank you for visiting our web site. We at TransRisk Services are dedicated to improvement of transportation organizations in the areas of Safety, Compliance, and on going Improvement of their operations. I have been involved in transportation and distribution for over 25 years and know that profits can be made by use of systematic methods and attention to the details.

Also, I know that proper training and attention to employees is critical to the success of any transportation or distribution company. It doesn't cost that much for you to know you have in place the best methods possible to aid in the reduction of the costs of doing business in today's transportation environment.


Please give us a call, or e-mail me personally, to discuss a plan for your company and to see how we may have the opportunity to be of service. Again, thank you for your interest in TransRisk Services.


Take Care,
Skip Hailey,SCDS,DDCI

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