TransRisk Services hold seminars throughout the Southeast and Midwest several times a year. These seminars feature some of the best minds in transportation safety, compliance and operations in the country. The topics covered range from changes in governmental regulations to operation improvement techniques. As a client of TransRisk Services you will be entitled to a discount for these seminars and continuing updates of changes in industry regulations.

Company Workshops

We can provide a structured workshop for your key people on such topics as Management Leadership, Governmental Compliance, Operation Improvement Techniques, Driver and Mechanic Relations, Driver Recruitment, Orientation and Retention, Drug Abuse and Alcohol Misuse Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training and various other aspects of the transportation industry. We can tailor a workshop for training of your employees on specialized equipment such as on-board electronic recording devices.

Employee Training

Key Management Personnel

Many times when a company makes a change in key personnel and/or promotes an individual to a new position, the task of properly training the individual can be arduous. We can assist in this area by reviewing the functions of a position, improving them and then train the new person, making them much more productive in much less time

Driver and Mechanic Personnel

After a review and analysis of their tasks and the accident history of the company, we can design meaningful presentations for Driver and Mechanic Safety Meetings. We document the sessions and presentation material as part of your overall Safety Program. Governmental agencies will look for this when performing an audit. Failure to properly provide and document safety training can be detrimental to your company's position in the event of litigation brought about from a collision. Our training programs consist of interactive presentations that use proven Adult Learning Techniques.

Training is a big part of what we can do to improve your company's operations. You can not expect your employees to perform productively without them knowing the proper methods of the job. We train key personnel such as Operations Managers, Directors of Safety, and Fleet Managers on Adult Training Techniques for administrative personnel, drivers, and mechanics. This assures on-going training for your company.

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